Welcome to the most significant microbiome breakthrough of a generation

The age at which wrinkles start to appear largely depends on genetics and lifestyle factors, but with breakthrough discoveries, we now know that the microbiome plays a vital role in the ageing process; influencing wrinkle formation, dehydration, rosacea, inflammation, and other dermatological conditions.

The ultimate in skin fitness

The microbial cells on the skin’s surface play a pivotal role in skin health and ageing.

Like personal trainers, the bacteria, fungi and viruses train the skin barrier for the long-term, supporting a strong, diverse ecosystem, which in turn promotes skin’s power to self-heal and repair.

Healing is a complex process that deeply involves the immune system

Our skin functions as more than a physical barrier, it is an active immune organ.

The immune cells are supported by the microbiome, which communicate with one another using chemical signalling molecules, sending messages to tell your immune cells how to fight infection, repair damage, control inflammation and regenerate new cells.

As we pass through each life phase the microbes that live on our skin become more diverse, there to defend and heal our bodies as our skin matures.

The human body is an amazing feat of natural engineering but to maintain and improve skin health, we need to move with the science and nurture the microbiome.

The challenges we face

Prescriptions and tweakments such as lasers and peels target the good bacteria as well as the bad.

The long-term use of harsh chemicals and preservatives found in traditional skin care products disrupt microbial composition and balance. Our skin becomes out of sync.

Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and city environments further impact our microbiome, leading to a weaker barrier function and miscommunication with our immune cells. This creates space for opportunistic pathogens (think harmful bacteria) which can lead to inflammation, sensitivities, redness, dry, itchy, and dull skin. It becomes a vicious cycle trying to keep on top of it all.

When skin cannot function properly, the ageing process is accelerated.

But there is a solution

Opalore skincare biohacks the microbiome back to a healthier, more diverse state.

Similar to gut health where diet influences our internal and external physical wellbeing, Opalore applies this same principal using pre and postbiotics to improve the diversity of microbial species as we pass through each life phase.

To do this Opalore works with leading Swiss biochemists and global experts in genetics, epigenetics and microbiome research who understand how skin works, its physiology, to engineer formulas that optimise the body’s capacity to self-heal and renew. Never before has ageing been so healthy.

Opalore skincare is your insurance policy for healthier skin ageing

When we reach around 50, the pH level of our skin changes and skin becomes dry and itchy as epidermal and sebaceous lipids (the natural fats that cover the surface of the skin) decrease.

It is within these lipids that the microbiome thrives, but lactobacillus species which are known for their hydrating and health boosting properties loses ground.

Opalore's state-of-the-art Brilliance Cream n.5 * is scientifically proven using qPCR DNA sequencing to significantly boost microbial diversity lost through ageing and post-menopausal changes; restoring calm, boosting hydration, reducing trans-epidermal water loss and reversing biological ageing with unprecedented results.

* Patent pending


Opalore’s next-generation microbiome care is a dermatological intervention that counters the causes and effects of ageing for each life step. No Hype. No Myths. Just Proven.