Welcome To A New Era In Daily Dermatology

Opalore skincare is naturally engineered to work with your skin so that you can reach your true potential. Patented. Potent. Proven.

Opalore's patented postbiotics are a preparation of microorganisms which have a dualistic effect on skin.

1. Postbiotics produce antimicrobial substances that help reduce pathogenic bacteria (think harmful bacteria) and communicate using chemical signals with the immune cells to heal and regenerate damage caused to the surface layers, strengthening the skin barrier.

2. Using biotechnological processes, postbiotics release metabolites (their inner compounds) of short-chain fatty acids, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, cell surface proteins, enzymes and proteoglycans which are present in virtually all extracellular matrices of connective tissue to engage ageing cells, taking instructions to redigest and make way for new working cells in the deeper layers of the skin.

Skin is renewed and replenished on all levels.

(before + after image: ultrasound scans of the dermal layers from Opalore clinical study #446)

Considered the ultimate actives and heavily recommended by dermatologists, Opalore’s use of high-grade postbiotics are what sets our products apart. ​

Sourced from the extreme aquatic environments of the Arctic Ocean to the tropical sea breezes of Polynesia, investing in postbiotic treatments provides a more powerful, more stable, biocompatible, and sustainable alternative to traditional skincare ingredients, even at high concentrations.