How I went from recovering from a serious diagnosis to discovering a revolutionary approach to healthy skin ageing

Sarah Baker, Founder + CEO​

Over the last 30 years, Sarah Baker, a British entrepreneur, worked with a roster of celebrity names in the music industry so famous, they come with legendary status attached. In a career that saw her travelling the globe, from Singapore, Los Angeles, Paris, Rio, but most of all London, her high-octane lifestyle eventually caught up with her when she was diagnosed with cancer.

Eighteen months undergoing chemotherapy and Herceptin treatments left my body riddled with toxins. My immune system stopped functioning and the side effects left my skin shocked, highly reactive, and unable to cope with even the most basic skincare routine. I would have given anything to look and feel myself again. At my lowest point physically, my medical team explained that the immune cells and microbiome are inextricably linked and are the foundations of a healthy skin barrier.
When I was fortunate enough to be given the all-clear, I decided to take a new path and put my health first. My journey took me to Switzerland where I met a team of leading biochemists to discuss the possibilities of creating a formula that would improve my skin health which had never fully recovered.
They explained to me that traditional skincare products favour the use of harsh preservatives which with long-term use can damage the microbiome, and that most products claiming "healthy" results deliver no proven benefits; as an unregulated grey area it explained why I was struggling so much, and I knew if I was, others would be too.

Science recognises that everyone’s skin ages differently and microbial diversity shifts as we age. The challenge was set to engineer a new category of skincare: next-generation microbiome products that actively support skin health in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond, taking clinical testing further than has ever been achieved before.

After five years working with a team of leading Swiss biochemists and award-winning authorities in molecular genetics, epigenetics, and microbiome research, Opalore was born, setting the new standard for healthy skin ageing.

No Hype. No Myths. Just Proven.