Opalore skincare was inspired by the insight of our founder’s medical team when she was undergoing chemotherapy treatment

Informed by the concept of microbiome care for skin health, our founder Sarah Baker assembled a team of biochemists and geneticists to see if they could create a new kind of skin science. Bespoke skincare rather than a generic one-size-fits-all approach. Breakthrough formulas that would exceed industry standards to deliver a profound and sustained change in skin health and longevity. A complete reimagining of how to support skins natural self-healing properties: the microbiome, the immune network and skins underlying architecture to reverse biological ageing.

False promises of skin health, an unregulated claim, led to a chance meeting with Dr Oliver Worsley and Dr Albert Dashi who understand how skin functions, its physiology. Recognised globally as leaders in the field of microbiome research, they translate this science into Opalore products to prove they deliver on their promise.

  • Dr Oliver Worsley completed his PhD investigating genetic and epigenetic modifications in human disease as a scholar at the Genome Institute in Singapore. Prior, Oliver studied at
    Edinburgh University and has won multiple awards for his innovation in skincare
    diagnostics, regularly presents at the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal Society in London which is dedicated to promoting excellence in science for the benefit of humanity, as well as dermatology conferences across the globe.

  • Dr Albert Dashi completed his PhD in molecular genetics, epigenetics, and stem cell research at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Genome Institute of Singapore. In 2014, he received the Singapore International Graduate Award from A*STAR for his PhD research and was also awarded the “Young Investigator” award. Prior moving to Singapore for his doctor program, Albert obtained his master’s in biomedical sciences at University of Bern, Switzerland. He has also won several awards within the beauty industry for his innovative and business driven ideas.

Only By Questioning Science Can We Make New Discoveries

As a health and wellness brand, Opalore's commitment to scientific excellence is what sets our products apart. We don't just push the boundaries, we explode them.

Through our extensive scientific research, The Brilliance Cream n5 * is your secret weapon in microbiome recovery. Comprehensive in its remit, it builds a strong foundation to regenerate skins underlying architecture and significantly boost microbial diversity lost through ageing and post-menopausal changes: restoring calm, boosting hydration, reducing trans-epidermal water loss and reversing biological ageing with unprecedented results.

*Patent pending.


Upgrade your skincare with the most advance microbiome science in the world